Re-Building our Nation with the ideas of the people, by the people for the people

The Barotseland National Information Centre system is very inclusive, from the villages to the National leadership in the capital city of Mongu, Baroseland.

An Information Office will be established at each and every area Kuta, from where all people under that Kuta falls administratively shall report about their problems. Emergent cases such as theft, murder and other criminal offences shall be reported to the Silalo Kuta which shall hastily inform the National Information Centre which will then inform relevant government departments for action.

This Department operates under the Office of the Ngambela, which is intended to connect the entire nation to the national leadership "Kuta" from the village to the Silalo, Sikiliti and to the province and centre of administration.

This system of governance instils unity and togetherness, and knowledge of the inhabitants in a specific locality. People will know each other, and any visitor in a village shall be reported to the village headman for security measures in case of anything.

Suggestions, opinions, views, proposal; and bright ideas should come from all Barotseland villages to the seat of administration. All questions and genuine reports can and must reach the leadership.

Purpose & Objectives

  1. To enhance unity among all citizens living in Barotseland

  2. Minimizing, misinformation, speculation and distortion of information.

  3. To bring people or link the people to their leaders and seat of administration; and enable them get the correct information and know what is happening.

  4. To promote a feedback system where information flow from the village to district and province and back to the village, this system is as healthy as it was during time of our forefathers.

  5. To reduce and shorten the distances people cover to go to Namuso to deliver or get information.

  6. The system enables His Majesty the Litunga, and the Rt Hon Ngambela to know the whole situation and what goes on in the entire Nation of Barotseland.

This system will establish mutual relationship across Barotseland where information is concerned and it will reduce the dependence on radio reporting propaganda or negatively for Barotseland. Villages and outskirts can never be excluded in the process of re-building the nation.

The communication shall be done through mobile and telephones and at a later stage by email and writing when resources are available.

All information shall be accepted, but not all information shall be dependable.

You do not need to know people, but to know the phone number.

Call the National Informational Centre on the following numbers for reporting any suggestions and recommendations:

  1. + 26095-512-9686

  2. + 26096-523-1484

  3. + 26095-073-0333

  4. + 26095-567-3136

  5. + 26096-566-0142

  6. + 26095-066-3880


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