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of creation of the Central Bank of Barotseland

For the Carrying on and Managing of a Public Bank and act as the Monetary Authority of Barotseland

Now know ye, That we being desirous to promote the public Good and Benefit of our People, which in these Presents are chiefly designed and intended, as well as the Profit and Advantage of all such as have subscribed and contributed according to the present Act, and our Commission thereupon issued, their lawful Successors, and Assignees respectively, and in pursuance as well of the Powers and Clauses for this Purpose, contained in the present Act, as of our Promise and Declaration, made in or by our said Commission, or Letters Patents, under the Great Seal of Right Honourable Alexander Mwangelwa, whereby the Subscriptions and Contributions on the present Act have been promoted or encouraged, and by Virtue of our Prerogative Governmental, certain Knowledge, and meer Motion, Have given, granted, made, ordained, constituted, declared, appointed, and established, and by these Presents, for Us, our lawful Successors, do give, grant, make, ordain, constitute, declare, appoint and establish, that the said Rigth Honourable Alexander Mwangelwa and all and every other Person and Persons, Natives and Foreigners, Bodies Politick or Corporate, who, over and above the Person (s) before especially named, have at any Time or Times before the making of these Presents, subscribed and contributed any Sum or Sums of Money towards the General Treasury of the Central Bank of Barotseland; and them by that Name, one Body Politick and Corporate, in Deed and in Name, We do, for Us, and our lawful Successors, make, create, erect, establish, and confirm for ever, by these Presents, and by the same Name, they and their Successors shall have perpetual Succession, and shall and may have and use a Common Seal, for the Use, Business, or Affairs of the said Body Politick and Corporate, and their Successors, with Power to break, alter, and to make anew their Seal from Time to Time, at their Pleasure, and as they shall see Cause.

That all the Mineral and Goods Wealth shall be, and be called, accepted, esteemed, reputed and taken as The Guarantee Capital and Principal Stock of the Corporation hereby constituted, and any other foreign moneys (coins and notes) shall be, and be called Common Capital and extra Stock of the Corporation.

Whereas the Central Bank of Barotseland being the Monetary Authority of Barotseland is Authorized to issue all necessary coins and notes for the use of the people and all public and private corporations.

Whereas the Commission in charge of establishing the Central Bank of Barotseland shall issue the Constitution, Regulation and Financial Arrangements including the Monetary Policy of the Central Bank of Barotseland.

Whereas we do hereby, declare, direct and appoint, that the Central Bank of Barotseland shall also be allowed to issue Treasury Bonds on behalf of the Government of Barotseland.

Whereas all Officers of the Central Bank of Barotseland must before taking the privilege of Office swear/affirm an OATH OR SOLEMN AFFIRMATION OF OFFICE as such:

"I, ..............., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully and to the best of my judgement and ability perform the duties that relate to any office or position in the Bank held by me. I also solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will not communicate or allow to be communicated, to any person not entitled to it, any confidential information that relates to the business or affairs of the Bank that I may learn in the course of performing those duties; use any such information for any purpose other than to perform those duties; or allow any person to inspect or have access to any books and records that belong to or that are in the possession of the Bank and that relate to the business or affairs of the Bank, unless the person is legally entitled to inspect them or to have access to them."

In Witness whereof, we have caused these our Letters to be made Patents.

Witness our selves at Mongu, Barotseland, the twenty seven day of February 2012.

By Our Own Hand,
The Government of Barotseland in waiting

Central Bank of Barotseland Central Bank of Barotseland
Act 27 February 2012
Barotseland Mupu currency
Act 28 February 2012
The Forgery and Counterfeiting
Act 28 February 2012

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