He is the founder and father of the Zambian Nation. Zambia owes its existence to him. By command NQ C 7637; between the B.S.A company and foreign office and by memorandum signed by Sir Percy Anderson and Mr. Rhodes, on 24t November 1894,the territory of Northern Rhodesia came into being. It was named after him, but later changed to a political name of Zambia. So Rhodesians are synonymous with Zambian. Thus Zambians are urged to remember Rhodes. Yes, he is like Abraham to the Jews. Before Rhodes here were isolated small groups of people headed by tribal chiefs. No Nation then.


No history of Zambia can be realistic without references to Nyasaland or Malawi. It was of Nyasaland: Reference can be made to the extract from the British High Commissioner in Malawi as stated below.

N.B. The commissioner stated as follows:

"Treaties were concluded by me in 1889 - 1890 over the district of west Nyasa, which give Her Majesty's Government a right to control the affairs of the country. I consider the boundary of west Nyasa already mentioned as Jumbe's Northern boundary the boundary of the whole extent of the territory over which these rights and privileges are to be exercised in virtue of the Treaties as above enumerated shall be as follows: commencing at a point on the right Bank of the Luangwa river, at the junction of the said Luangwa on its left Bank, latitude 1240'

The boundary of the Territory shall follow the right bank of the Luangwa River down to its junction with Zambezi and then shall follow, the left Bank of the main stream of the Zambezi up to its junction with Kafue river. From this point the boundary of the territory shall follow, the left bank; of the Kafue up stream to its source. from its source shall follow a straight line direct to the source of Lufubo river and there shall continue along to the right bank of Lufubo river down stream to its confluence with the Luapula then shall follow the meridian line of thecourse of the Luapula down stream as far as the point where the Luapula is intersected by the eleventh parallel of south latitude and from this point the boundary of the said territory shall be straight line drawn in a south easterly direction point on the right of the Luangwa river"

Signed H.H Hamilton Johnstone 25th September 1893

"Administrator" shall mean the Officer for the time being appointed under the North-Eastern Rhodesia Order in Council 1900 to administer Affairs within the limits of the territory of North-Eastern Rhodesia and includes an Acting Administrator.

"Administrator in Council" shall mean the Officer administering the Government with the advice of the Council I, and shall until a Council has been constituted, mean the Administrator acting alone.

"The Territory shall mean North-Eastern Rhodesia as defined in the North Eastern Rhodesia Order in Council 1900

"The Government" or " Administration" shall include the Administrator when acting alone and the Administrator in Council when acting with the advice of the Council.

"Oath" Swear" and "Affidavit" shall include and apply to the affirmation and declaration of any person by law allowed to make an affirmation or declaration in lieu of an oath.

"Commencement" when used with reference to regulations shall mean the time at which the regulations come into force.


1. On 2nd December1902, Gielgard proposed a boundary and submitted a map to the Colonial Office

2. December the same year, Mr. Coryndon prepared another map

3. On 4th February 1903, Robert Codrington prepared a map and proposed a boundary too. It was received on 19th March 1904, by Colonial Office.

4. Another map was proposed by the board of the Company (BSA) on 24th June 1904.

5. On 21st October 1904, a boundary and a map was again proposed by the Company.

6. On 8th April 1905, A.p. Miller Company secretary, forwarded a map proposed by Codrington, to Secretary of State, which resembled that of 24th June 1904.

The map of Codrington, April 1905, was corrected by the Colonial Office, in order to coincide with Brussels Agreement of 12th May 1904, this is the one that solved the issues relating to boundary.

Colonel Harding, and Gibbon were involved in boundary making of North-Western and North-Eastern Rhodesia as well.


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